2019 Ford Escape with Ford Sync on the touchscreen

Ford SYNC® is an advanced infotainment system that gives you hands-free, voice-activated control to make and receive phone calls, choose music, set up navigation, and much more. You'll find it in new Ford models of the 2017 model year and later, as well as select 2016 model years. Ford SYNC® allows you to remain connected to friends and family and stay entertained during your daily commutes around Crystal Lake. Find out what it really means to "Sync my ride," below.

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Ford SYNC® Features

Ford SYNC® is available across two levels. At the base level, you'll have the following abilities:

  • Voice-Activated Commands: Make and receive phone calls, messages, and select new music, all hands-free, so you never have to take your focus off the road in East Dundee.
  • Complete Music Control: We've all had the experience of wanting to listen to music, but having no idea what album or artist to choose. With Ford SYNC®, you can simply request a type of music you'd like to hear, and it will play a great selection of tunes for you. The system can even make a personalized playlist for you, or connect to your phone via Bluetooth® for quick and easy access to your own music collection. If you'd like to leave the music selection to a DJ, you can also tune in to SiriusXM® satellite radio.
  • Extended Connectivity: When you take advantage of the AppLink® program, you'll gain access to your favorite apps, including Spotify and Pandora®, and you can even favorite a station by saying the "Thumbs Up" voice command.
  • Ease of Use: Thanks to a large LCD screen, it's easy to read, control, and manage everything from caller ID to your contacts list or song titles. When you take advantage of Bluetooth® connectivity, you'll always have access to everything on your connected device.
  • Safety: While hands-free features enable you to safely navigate Elgin roads without getting distracted, SYNC® also awards you with 911 Assist®. With this feature, you can make emergency calls in case of an accident, even if you can't do it yourself.

Ford SYNC® 3 Features

When you upgrade to Ford SYNC® 3, you'll get all of the incredible features we discussed above, plus an additional suite of features that will give you greater control during your drives. Here are the highlights of what a SYNC® 3-equipped vehicle is capable of:

  • Ford+Alexa: After downloading the Ford+Alexa app, connect it via SYNC® 3 AppLink® to access features like Voice Navigation, Traffic Information, and more than 30,000 available skills. As if that weren't enough, you can also take care of your Amazon Prime shopping and control your Amazon Smart Home devices from the road.
  • FordPass™: If you're driving a Ford with SYNC Connect®, you can use FordPass™ to gain access to your vehicle's location, and you can also check its fuel level, lock/unlock it from afar, and start the engine up from the comfort of your home during frigid East Dundee winters. For increased connectivity, SYNC Connect® comes equipped with a Wi-Fi® hotspot so you can answer emails on the go.
  • Available SiriusXM® and Travel Link®: When you use these features, you'll take advantage of simple, turn-by-turn navigation so you never have to reroute, and you'll also stay up-to-date on traffic and weather conditions.
  • Android Auto™ Compatibility: Send and read text messages, make and answer phone calls, retrieve voicemails, or ask Google for help when you connect your Android device.

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