used spark plugs 

Spark plugs are an essential part of your vehicle's ignition system. The spark plug sits within the vehicle's cylinder head and is connected to the ignition coil by a plug wire. When the engine is turned on, the ignition coil sends an electrical current to the plug. When the electrical charge reaches the end of the plug, the resulting spark jumps the gap, creating an electrical arc that ignites the aerosolized gasoline inside the engine cylinders.

This combustion happens in each cylinder as often as one thousand times per minute, creating the explosive force required to move the vehicle's pistons and create the power that moves the vehicle forward (or backward). When plugs fail, they can cause the vehicle to run poorly or, in some cases, not at all. Read on to learn more about spark plug warning signs, so you don't wind up on the side of the road in East Dundee waiting for a tow truck.

Slow Acceleration

If you hit the gas and the vehicle is slow to respond, moves sluggishly, or doesn't respond at all, it could be because a fouled plug is hampering the vehicle's ability to generate an adequate spark.

Hard to Start

While a 'cold-blooded' vehicle could have many causes, one prime cause is bad plugs. A worn or damaged plug won't create the spark your vehicle needs to turn over and could even cause it to stall out during your Schaumburg commute.

Rough Idle

As mentioned, your engine spark is what moves the pistons and turns the crankshaft. If your plugs are bad, the engine won't do this effectively, which could lead to a rough, uneven idle.

Engine Misfire

Misfires happen when the spark is too small or ineffective to light all the gas in the cylinder, reducing power production and dumping waste fuel into the exhaust system. On newer vehicles, that excess fuel could cause the exhaust system to overheat and the catalytic converter to be damaged beyond repair.

Excessive Fuel Use

All the conditions above indicate that your vehicle isn't using the fuel in your tank properly, requiring the engine to use more fuel just to meet your demands. Replacing your plugs is a cheap, easy way to solve this issue so you can spend more time enjoying Crystal Lake, and less time at the pump.

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