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    Elgin Ford is an Elgin, IL new Ford F-150 dealership. In addition to Elgin pre-owned Ford F-150 trucks, we have Elgin 2019 Ford F-150s for sale. Are you looking for an Elgin Ford F-150 All Wheel Drive like the Ford F-150 Lariat for sale? Go to Elgin Ford for a great deal on an Elgin Ford F-150 lease. Our team will gladly show off our Elgin new Ford F-150s or our certified Ford F-150 vehicles. They can answer any questions you have about Elgin Ford F-150s for sale. When you are in the market for an Elgin new Ford F-150 or an Elgin pre-owned Ford F-150, Elgin Ford is an excellent choice. Plus, we offer service and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. Indeed, besides our large selection of Elgin new Ford F-150 trucks, like the Elgin Ford F-150 Lariat for sale, customers rely on us for top-rate service specials, oil changes, parts, and expert Ford F-150 repair. With factory trained technicians and friendly sales staff, Elgin Ford is a top choice among Elgin new Ford F-150 dealerships. For more info on Elgin Ford F-150 price, an Elgin Ford F-150 lease, certified Ford F-150s or the 2019 Ford F-150, call us today! Visit our website to learn about any Elgin Ford F-150 for sale at Elgin Ford. 

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        Elgin, IL, in Illinois' Cook and Kane counties, is a large Chicago suburb with a population over 108,000. It is located approximately 35 miles northwest of Chicago's downtown. Elgin is one of the fastest growing communities in Kane county, and considers itself to be a "City in the Suburbs." The Elgin Ford dealership is located just 4 miles northeast of Elgin. We are an Elgin new Ford F-150 dealership that provides outstanding services including vehicle maintenance. We also have a variety of Elgin Ford F-150 trucks. If you need a new Ford F-150 dealership that also carries Elgin pre-owned Ford F-150s and Elgin certified Ford F-150 vehicles, the Elgin Ford Ford F-150 dealership has all this and more. We even have the new Ford F-150 Lariat for sale. The 2019 Ford F-150 Lariat is high-tech and powerful. You will also find Elgin Ford F-150 All-Wheel Drive as an option in the Ford F-150 Lariat for sale at Elgin Ford. For a new Ford F-150 or pre-owned Ford F-150, including Elgin certified Ford F-150 trucks, stop by Elgin Ford. We are a trustworthy Elgin Ford dealer; find honest info about our Elgin Ford F-150s for sale on our easy-to-use website today.     


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Elgin Ford is a full service Elgin, IL Ford dealership with factory trained technicians and friendly sales staff. We proudly provide expert service and high-quality new and Elgin pre-owned Ford F-150 vehicles. When customers have questions about the Elgin Ford F-150 price or an Elgin Ford F-150 lease, our knowledgeable staff is available in person, over the phone, or online! Are you searching for an Elgin Ford F-150 dealer that not only carries the outstanding 2019 Ford F-150, but also ELgin pre-owned Ford F-150 and Elgin certified Ford F-150 trucks? Elgin Ford has an extensive stock, including Ford F-150 All-Wheel and the Ford F-150 Lariat for sale.         

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           We also have a professional service department that makes it easy to get maintenance or repairs on your new Ford F-150. So, visit Elgin Ford, a reliable Elgin new Ford F-150 dealership with both new and pre-owned Ford F-150s. You will find great deals on an Elgin Ford F-150 lease and any Ford service or repair. Try out the easy-to-use Elgin Ford website, where you can schedule service and also browse Elgin Ford F-150s for sale, or stop by our dealership in person on Elgin Ave. in Elgin, IL.