How to Remove Stickers from a Car

France country sticker on the back window of a car

There are plenty of reasons that you might need to know how to remove stickers from a car. Perhaps you’re giving up old hobbies, or cleaning up the results of your child’s ambitious artistic vision. You may have also bought a used vehicle from a friend in East Dundee whose car was a platform for all their beliefs. Whatever the case, removal is an easy process with the right products.

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How to Get Stickers off a Car Body

The easiest way to get a sticker off the body of your car without damaging the paint is with these products:

  • A bit of car washing soap
  • Hairdryer
  • Plastic card (library card, membership card, etc.)
  • Tree sap remover or Goo Gone Automotive
  • Clean, dry towels

Once you have everything you need, follow these steps to remove any sticker from the body of your car:

  1. Using the car wash soap, clean the entire sticker and surrounding area.
  2. With the hairdryer on hot, hold it about two to three inches away from the sticker for a few seconds, making sure to hit the entire area with heat and working from the inside out.
  3. Now that the sticker is heated, take your plastic card and gently push it under the sticker’s edge. If you see the adhesive residue starting to lift, you should be able to slowly peel the rest off, though it may be necessary to repeat the heating and peeling process, and your sticker might come off in bits rather than in one go.
  4. You may have a layer of residue left on your car after the sticker is gone, at which point the question becomes how to remove sticker residue from a car. This is an easy fix: just take your clean, dry cloth and some tree sap remover or Goo Gone Automotive and wipe with gentle pressure until the residue is gone.

How to Get Stickers off a Car Window

Removing stickers from a car window is a bit of a different process. You won’t need the hairdryer, and you can use a razor blade instead of a plastic card. Just be mindful of your safety and never use a razor blade on the inside of tinted windows. The necessary products are as follows:

  • Razor blade
  • Clean, dry towels
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Dish soap and hot water

With this equipment in hand, you’re ready to get started:

  1. Use the razor blade to peel up a bit of the sticker, then remove it as cleanly as you can by hand.
  2. Using the dish soap and hot water mixture with your clean towel, rub the sticker residue until it begins to dissipate. This may do the trick and finish the job, or you may have to continue with the next steps.
  3. If the soap and hot water did not get all of the sticker residue off, you can take your razor blade and carefully scrape at the residue until it lifts.
  4. If you’ve got some particularly stubborn sticker residue and the above steps couldn’t complete the job, rubbing alcohol often does the trick. Just soak a paper towel in the rubbing alcohol and scrub away, using the razor blade intermittently. A clean towel soaked in water will be sufficient to clean the area when you’re finished.

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